Wayne Gorman

Wayne Gorman has been involved in the building and construction industry for over 25 years working on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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Your business is in need of either of two paths

  1. Expansion to a bigger and better business
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Consulting Plus

We are now offering a unique solution to training for the NatHERS approved energy assessment software of


Building Assessment

We have several trading names to cover the diverse activities of this company. The building inspection activities operate under the trading name of 3 in one Building Assessment and has been servicing clients since January 2000.


House energy rating through the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) uses computer simulations to assess the potential thermal comfort of Australian homes on a scale of zero to 10 stars.


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What My Clients Have To Say

Many thanks
I found your advice very interesting and very helpful


 Amazing Wayne, thank you!


Many thanks
I found your advice very interesting and very helpful


 keep up the correspondence – I enjoy reading the articles and finding out what’s going on out there in the way of green building.


 OK if I forward this info to 2 medical friends in Tas who are interested in recycling and who represent ‘Doctors for the Environment’

Dr M

 Superb timing Wayne, I have an 80 year old lady coming to see me next week about a new house. She’s still pretty spry, but at 80 it does pay to think ahead..

Very handy. Thanks.


 Thanks Wayne 🙂
And thanks again for great training!


Thanks Wayne – most useful.


 This is great Wayne. I LOVE the articles you are sending to me.


 I have found your approach to the training to be practical and easy to understand. I have no doubt that adding these services to my business will ensure that I can continue to grow and prosper and I am excited about the future!

I look forward to further training programs and opportunities where I can learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience, thank you once again!

Kind regards


  Hi Wayne
Thanks for all your great emails and information/updates, they’re very useful!